Our employees are our greatest assets, which is why their safety and security on your jobsite is our highest priority. CGI emphasizes good construction practices and fosters a culture in which everyone contributes responsibly and proactively to their own safety and that of their co-workers. We believe safe work is the lowest-cost, highest-quality work.

The essentials of CGI’s health, safety, and environmental programs are:

Commitment – to the attitude that all incidents are preventable
Authority – to immediately correct unsafe acts or conditions
Responsibility – to not tolerate unsafe acts or conditions
Everywhere –  Safety, health, and environmental work standards in all areas

We continually measure our success, but ultimately, the best measure is that each and every employee returns home safely at the end of every day.


NLCSA’s Certificate of Recognition (COR) Program (http://www.nlcsa.com/aboutCOR.htm )

PRIME Employer under the Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Commission of Newfoundland and Labrador (http://www.whscc.nl.ca/prime/prime.whscc )

Certificate of Approval (COA) ensuring Capital Crane shall comply with any and all regulations set forth by the Environmental Protection Act. (http://www.servicenl.gov.nl.ca/licenses/env_protection/index.html

Taking Care of the Environment

We are committed to the most sustainable alternatives, which preserve and respect the environments we work in. From the office to the jobsite, CGI pledges to use all means necessary to reduce energy and water consumption, continually upgrade and modernize equipment to meet or exceed emission standards, and to purchase preferred product lines in bulk whenever possible.

Health and Safety Policy

Our safety management system ensures that environmental responsibility, safety, and quality are cornerstones of our business.

Hazard recognition and control policy

– We have the right and responsibility to work safely.

– We are all responsible for health and safety at work.

– We do our research, continuously learning how to anticipate and better manage our activities’ impacts on safety and the environment.

– We work with government, industry, and the community to develop and implement the highest safety and environmental standards and practices.

– We follow safe work practices and ensure the best training for our people and your projects.

– We enforce a zero-tolerance policy toward employee harassment and drugs/alcohol use.

– All management activities will comply with company safety requirements as they relate to planning, operation, and maintenance of facilities and equipment.

– All employees are aware and accountable for CGI’s safety rules, harassment policy, and early- and safe-return to work policies.

– We review and revise this policy annually or sooner if circumstances apply.

Environmental Policy

CGI knows an environmentally sustainable place is the best place to live and work, which is why we’re committed to our green policies and practices, constantly reviewing and updating our operations to minimize our impacts on the environments we work in.

We all have a role to play in achieving environmental protection and we have created the following guidelines to help recognize our individual and collective responsibilities:

– All operations will comply with or exceed government legislation, corporate policy, and industry standards for protection of the environment and the public

– During all stages of a project, environmental issues will be identified, evaluated, and mitigated

– Appropriate waste management programs are used on every job site

– We are all responsible for protecting the environment

– All operations use energy and other resources efficiently